Kempii Organic Tootbrushes

Kempii Organic Tootbrushes
Brush your teeth organically and save Kempii 
from extinction. The Kempii toothbrush is made 
from organic bamboo plastic, which is made 
from corn and bamboo. It feels like regular 
plastic, but it's not. All bristles are medium-soft.
Free of BPA, PVC and phthalates, which can be 
found in plastic and there are also no dangers of
the bamboo toothbrush, such as mold growing on 
wet wood, which in the initial stages is  not 
visible to the naked eye and via the mucous membranes got into our system. So Kempii is good for you but also good for Kempii.
Kempii is the Atlantic turtle Lepidochelys Kempii, which is the smallest 
sea turtle and unfortunately also the most threatened with 
extinction. With the purchase you also support appropriate aid organizations that are committed to 
preserving this species so that it is also preserved for our children 
and grandchildren.
And at the end of each cleaning, the little turtle at the end 
of the stem thanks you with a smile for your support.
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