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100 ml = 39.33 €
Organic Ginger oil - sustainably packaged in glass bottle with bamboo lid. 
Hair care - traditional Chinese medicine uses ginger as a remedy for hair loss, as it stimulates the blood flow of the scalp and thus has a positive effect on the hair follicles, which are thus stimulated to grow.  The zingiberol and gingerol contained in ginger, together with phosphorus, riboflavin and vitamin C, act against hair loss. When shampooing the hair, put a few drops on the hair and massage. It is also possible to rub it into the scalp.
Skin care
Ginger has an antibacterial effect and helps in the fight against pimples. These can be dabbed with a cotton ball on which a few drops of ginger oil are given. Should also be supportive to the fading of scars and age spots.
For the care of the sensitive eye area, you can dab the cleaned skin in the evening with a cotton ball on which you have previously given ginger oil. Please make sure that nothing gets into the eyes.
Ingredients: Zingiber officinalis - obtained by steam distillation of the root.
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