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Lip care

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The lip care products are highly lipid replenishing and we are 
happy to list the ingredients here: organic shea butter, 
mango butter, organic beeswax, vitamin E. That's all! 
And so the list of the not included and therefore not 
burdensome components would be much longer.
We remember such highlights as liquidum paraffinum 
(mineral oil) - but the labelless effect doesn't just happen 
by itself ... Here you are protected from it, without synthetic 
additives, where possible, we have resorted to quality 
from controlled organic cultivation. You will find the fine 
care mixture packaged in a German classic. The click 
box made of tinplate releases the inner values ​​after gentle 
pressure on the middle of the lid with a full "click", a gentle 
pressure on the outer edge of the lid like to close it again
 with the same "click". Oh, please note, what is really 
addicting is the excellent strawberry scent. The lip care 
melts at 35 degrees, please just rub gently with your finger. 
Please protect from direct sunlight and temperatures above 
30 degrees.
Natural cosmetics, shelf life 12 months after opening


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1 - 1 of 3 results