Nablus Soap

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1000 g = 32.67 €
Nablus soap
An extremely sublime and traditional soap, handcrafted in Nablus, Palestine, exclusively with the best olive oil from the first pressing (extra virgin).
The history
Nablus is just a few kilometers north of Jerusalem and has thousands of years of experience in making their unique soaps, despite all historical difficulties. 
Nonetheless, there are only 3 intact soap manufacturers today (for comparison: in the 80s there were over 20), which have survived to this day in the politically
troubled situation. Buying a Nablus soap is therefore more than just an everyday purchase; it is your contribution to the preservation of this centuries-old branch 
of industry in this crisis-ridden region.
Soap making         
Our Nablus soap is made exclusively on the basis of the finest olive oil. With the aim of preserving the exquisite properties of the high-quality olive oil at low 
temperatures, the soap is cooked on the lowest flame for several days and then left to dry. With the help of a characteristic red wool thread, the white soap is 
drawn by hand after it has hardened and the often reddish traces remain on the soap as a reminder and proof of the handcraft. The soap is then cut along these
 red drawings and is ready for its journey to your home.
Product features
Due to the richness of mineral salts such as potassium, magnesium, iron or manganese, glycerine and the naturally occurring linoleic and alpha linoleic acids,
the soap has a natural antioxidant and lipid replenishing effect and a beneficial effect on your skin. It is especially suitable for use on particularly sensitive 
skin types and has a subtle fragrance.



Fresh weight: 150g

Ingredients: Olea Europaea Oil Sodium Hydroxide, Aqua

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