Konjac Angel Face Towel

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The Konjac Sponge Angel Facial Scarf is perfect for cleansing the face with or without the addition of a cleansing product. 

The cloth is made of pure Konjac fibers, is biodegradable and vegan. It moisturizes and is especially suitable for dry skin. 

Let it swell under warm water before each use and squeeze it gently (do not wring). You can apply a little of your preferred cleansing product. After use, please wash out and hang up to dry. 

- ideal gentle alternative to other cleaning cloths

- reusable, biodegradable, vegan

- perfect for sensitive skin 

- cleanses deep and refines the pores 

- free of additives, colorants 100% natural and compostable 

- wonderfully gentle and soft to use 


Content: 1 AngelCloth cloth, consisting of Konjac fibers 


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