Antioch Soap

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Antioch soap

The soap has yellowish spots or shadows, this is only a visual problem and does not affect the quality of the soap.  

The Antioch soap is particularly characterized by its high proportion of laurel oil (30%). 
Due to its antiseptic effect, it is also preferred on site for problematic skin.

The history
Antioch, already mentioned in the Bible, is a city 80 kilometers west of Aleppo. One of the oldest soap recipes of the Mesopotamian region survived in the city: 
the Antioch soap. There is evidence that the soap has been made based on the same recipe since early antiquity.
Soap making Similar to Aleppo soap, only olive and laurel oils are used in the manufacture of Antioch soap. However, it differs in that instead of normal water, 
only distilled water and olive oil of the first pressing (extra virgin) may be used. It is precisely these differences that have always ensured that Antioch soap 
was considered to be of the highest quality and effectiveness in the Mesopotamian region.
Product features
Special characteristics of the soap are its fresh and subtle scent, its strong moisturizing effect, as well as its disinfecting and calming effect on the skin. Ideally suited
for body and face care, recommended for dry and sensitive skin, and also to support problematic skin. All natural, biodegradable.

Fresh weight: 150g

Ingredients: Olea Euroapaea Oil, Lauris Noblis Oil, Sodium Hydoxide, Aqua

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