Dudu Osun - Black Soap

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In Africa, black soap has always been a popular beauty product

Supports the regeneration of skin problems. Suitable for skin and hair care. Please keep black soap dry after use. Contains shea butter (shea butter, palm kernel oil, aloe vera, honey, camwood, citrus extract and the ashes of burnt pods of palm fruits

The shea tree occurs between Senegal and Uganda, as well as in the Sudanese savannas. Shea butter is made from its seeds. The seeds are pressed and the raw fat is then refined. After crushing the kernels, the oil is obtained by boiling it in water and then skimming off the fat floating above

Suitable for skin and hair 

Ingredients: Palmkerneloil, Shea Butter, Cocoa Pod Ashes, Aqua, Citrus Lemon Juice, Whole Leaf Aloe Barbadensis, Honey, Baphia Nitida Wood Powder, Fragrance

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