Organic Amla Oil

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1000 ml = 179.00 €

1000 ml = 179.00 €
BIO Amla oil cold pressed & 100% pure - sustainably packaged in glass bottle with bamboo lid 
In India, hair is traditionally cared for with the popular Amla oil. This is obtained from the fruit of the amla tree, the Indian gooseberry.
Fatty acids in Amla oil can stop hair breakage: they penetrate your hair and prevent too much water from entering the outer layer of hair and making it porous. The saturated fatty acids provide special protection for this.
Amla oil is proven to be effective against hair parasites and hair fungi. Thus, the hair disease "shear mycosis" is conspicuously rare in India, because the thread fungus killing Amla oil is used there particularly often for hair care.
To use:
Depending on the length of the hair, put a few drops of amla oil in the palm of your hand and massage into the scalp. Also massage into the hair lengths and tips. You can leave the oil in the hair or leave it on i.e. at least 30 minutes or longer and then wash out. 
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