Aleppo Bar Soaps

Aleppo Bar Soaps
Aleppo Bar Soaps
The excellent properties of olive oil in connection with the special effects of laurel oil were brought into shape here. 
The original natural block is produced in pressed form. The addition of natural essences refines the natural scent of 
the soap block and gives your skin a pleasant feeling of freshness.
Aleppo soap is made from 100% renewable raw materials. The soaps are handcrafted and do not contain any 
petrochemicals, parabens, sulfates, artificial fragrances or dyes. Thus they are 100% biodegradable and protect 
our environment. 
The moisturizing properties of olive oil keep the skin supple and soft. The laurel oil it contains gives the soap 
strengthening, antiseptic and stimulating properties. Regular use can help improve the complexion of the skin.
Applicable for all skin types, also suitable for facial cleansing and hair washing.


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Avocado Oil

Product no.: 660
5.00 *
1000 g = 50.00 €
In stock

Alepposoap Clay

Product no.: 085




4.50 *
1000 g = 43.50 €
In stock
Delivery weight: 100 g

Bio Alepposoap Dead Sea Salt

Product no.: 184
4.50 *
1000 g = 44.00 €
In stock
Delivery weight: 100 g

Olive oil soap for Ukraine + 1 candle

Product no.: 800

Restart on 26.04.2024 - You donate a soap, we add a candle!

donated soaps: 35   plus candles from us:  35                                              

donated toothbrushes: 6



Our donation arrived, we received following email:

Hello Ms. Frank,
Hello Mr. Al-Machout,

Your donation arrived yesterday, April 30, and will soon be going to Ukraine.
Thank you very much for continuing to support Ukraine in these difficult times!
Best regards from Bad Wimpfen!
Taras Kapyshon

We are currently packing up the candles and soaps that have been donated so far and will send them to Mr. Kapyshon at the beginning of next week. (29.04.24)

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our customers for their active and unceasing support. We start with the fourth relief campaign

Restart on 05.01.2024 - you donate a soap, we add a candle!

Soaps donated: 98 plus 98 candles from us

donated toothbrushes: 0

candles donated: 3

1.60 *
1000 g = 16.00 €
In stock

Aleppo Bar Soap "Honey"

Product no.: 34

Oliveoilsoap "Honey"

3.90 *
1000 g = 38.50 €
In stock

Olive oil soap Black Cumin

Product no.: 081
4.50 *
1 g = 0.04 €
In stock

3 x Alepposoap Pomegranate + one for free

Product no.: 252
7.90 *
1000 g = 19.75 €
In stock


Product no.: 105

Zhenobya hair washing soap with 7 oils and propolis 


In stock
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